Planet Chill Wonderland 2020

THE EXHIBITION: 'Planet Chill Wonderland'

Hatti Rees’ debut exhibition Planet Chill Wonderland (Part 1) is launched as part of 'Power to the Models' exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, Breda.  Curated by Jan Hoek, Power to the Models is a project aiming to platform models' voices and celebrate models who take ownership of their own narratives, images and stories. 

“I’ve been working on 'Planet Chill Wonderland' for the majority of 2020. It’s my first time platforming my non-binary experience through the multimedia pieces,  which centres around this transformation. Throughout my work as an artist, I explore the dark characters and identities that consume me and focus on the fluid possibilities of gender and sexuality. I look for the humour in the darkness, grotesque and uncanny nature of things which manifests through the narratives that my images contain. It was important for me to platform my images, along-side sculpture, video and sound to really create an immersive world.”

In collaboration with the Institute of Digital Fashion, Rees has recreated their Elfie and Fertilise portraits as augmented reality face filters which will be showcased via Instagram.

Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 23.19.16.png