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Hatti Rees, is a multi-disciplinary British Makeup-Artist and Artist based in Los Angeles. Since graduating from the Womenswear course at Central Saint Martins, Rees has done many editorials for magazines such as Vogue, PAPER, King-Kong, LOVE and DAZED. Hatti also worked as a beauty editor for LOVE magazine and as a design intern at Marc Jacobs ITL NY. Driven by a need to disrupt identity, Rees creates narratives that challenge identity, gender and sexuality. In their Dazed Beauty Artist Profile, Rees attributes their 'chameleon-like personas' to a need for fluid expression. Hatti regularly work's with other artist's such as Dorian Electra, Kim Petras and Charli XCX. They also presented a biopic of their work to date at the STEDELIJK museum in 2020. Scouted to become a makeup-artist with OKGRL magazine in 2015, Hatti has been doing makeup professionally ever since. 

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